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Coating comparison of corrugated steel pipes

Various types of coatings are available for enabling our corrugated steel pipes to withstand normal to severe environmental conditions and perform well even on unforgiving foundations. Anti-corrosive coatings include polymer, zinc and asphalt as shown below:

Several integral corrugated steel pipes with black polymer coating and shiny zinc coating.
Various coatings for corrugated pipes are available including polymer, asphalt and zinc coating.

Polymer coating
Polymer coating refers to a tough, heavy-gauge coating with excellent resistance against corrosive materials, such as acids, salts and alkaline. They cover inside and outside surface of galvanized corrugated pipes to from a barrier for preventing corrosion and abrasion; meanwhile, polymer coatings bond well with the zinc coating to form an integral part for prevent delamination. Most of all, Polymer coating prolongs the service life of corrugated pipes no less than 100 years.

Zinc coating
Galvanization is the standard treatment for all corrugation pipes to provide excellent corrosion resistance in low-abrasion environments. In addition, zinc element will sacrifice itself to protect the base material of corrugated steel pipes which is called anodic reaction. Thus, as long as zinc elements remain, the corrugated pipes can be protected well against corrosion and rust. Normally, galvanized corrugated pipes have a service life about 50 to 100 years according to different use environments.

Two styles of zinc coating are available based on requirements of your projects. One is Z610 galvanization with hot-dip zinc coating no less than 610g/m2, and the other is Z275 galvanization with light zinc coating about 275g/m2. Z275 zinc coating is economical and widely used for short-term projects such as temporary lease road.

Asphalt coating
Asphalt coating, no less than 1.3mm in thickness, is generally applied to both interior and exterior surfaces of corrugated pipes. They are ideal for protecting soil side and water side; meanwhile, it improves the environmental ranges for soil conditions.

And here is a simple table about suitable use environments of corrugated metal pipes with different coatings.

Environmental guidelines for corrugated steel pipes
Water & soil resistivity Corrosivity rating Coating PH of environment Abrasion level (max)
2,000 to 10,000ohm-cm Corrosive Zinc coating 5 to 10 2
10,000 to 20,000ohm-cm Mildly corrosive Zinc coating 5 to 12 2
> 20,000ohm-cm Essentially non-corrosive Polymer coating 4 to 12 3
Asphalt coating 3 to 12 2
Estimated service life of corrugated metal pipes
Coating material Service life
Polymer coating Minimum 100 years
Zinc coating Minimum 50 years
Asphalt coating The service life is efficiently of extended.

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