Spiral Rib Pipes for Storm Sewer Projects

Spiral rib pipes feature better hydraulic efficiency than traditional integral or spiral corrugated pipes and they are widely used for various storm sewer projects or acting as liner pipe for rehabilitating existing culverts. Made of quality galvanized or polymer coated steel, spiral rib pipes have lock-seam structures with external ribs formed by passing through roll forming line. Decades of uses have proven spiral rib pipe is one revolutionary product that combines following advantages together.

Superb hydraulic design

Spiral rib pipes features smooth interior that provides superb hydraulic efficiency equal to that of concrete or HDPE pipes. With a Manning's "n" factor of 0.012, spiral rib pipes can be used interchangeably with concrete and HDPE pipes without affecting flow capacity.

High strength & durability

Spiral rib pipes feature high stiffness and less inclination to deflect. Meanwhile, lock-seam connections strengthen the pipe and heavy zinc & polymer coatings allow for great corrosion resistance and a longer lifespan than traditional concrete pipes.

Big cost saving

Spiral rib pipes have lower price compared with concrete pipes and plastic pipe. This price difference may more visible when taking the cost of prefabricated fittings and accessories into consideration. In addition, spiral rib pipes are only 1/10 time the weight of traditional concrete pipes in same specification. And this weight reduction allows for quicker handling and installation as well as a considerable saving of labor cost.

High diversity

Spiral rib pipes can be manufactured in round shapes from 15" to 120" in diameter and 16 gauge to 10 gauge in wall thickness. Meanwhile, they are galvanized or polymer coated to protect these pipes from rust and corrosion. Custom sizes can be fabricated if required by the projects.

A galvanized round spiral rib pipe with smooth interior surface for eliminating most boundary turbulence and providing great liquid flow.

Spiral rib pipe with square-shaped ribs projecting to the pipe's exterior.

Three galvanized round spiral rib pipes are galvanized to resistant against corrosion.

Spiral rib pipe are galvanized to resistant against rust and corrosion.

A water flowing direction comparison about spiral rib pipes and corrugated pipes.

Smooth interior surface of a spiral rib pipe eliminates most of the boundary turbulence for ensuring superb liquid flow.

A pan about the exterior ribs and the dimension of spiral rib pipes.

Spiral rib pipes with spiral exterior projecting ribs and lock-seam connections that strengthen the pipe effectively.

Available rib patterns of spiral rib pipes
Rib pattern Pitch Depth Rib size
SRP-A 7-1/2" 3/4" 3/4"
SRP-B 11-1/2" 1" 3/4"
SRP-C 12" 5/8" 3/4"
SRP-D 8-1/2" 1" 3/4"
Handling weight for galvanized steel spiral rib pipes
Code Pipe diameter Weight (Pounds per foot)
16 gauge 14 gauge 12 gauge 10 gauge
SRP-1 15" 12.7 15.6 - -
SPP-2 18" 1.51 18.5 25.5 -
SPP-3 21" 17.5 21.5 29.6 -
SPP-4 24" 19.9 24.5 33.6 -
SPP-5 30" 24.7 30.4 41.7 -
SPP-6 36" 29.5 36.3 49.9 -
SPP-7 42" 34.3 42.2 58.0 -
SPP-8 48" 39.1 48.1 66.1 83.3
SPP-9 54 43.9 54.0 74.2 93.6
SPP-10 60 48.7 59.9 82.3 103.8
SPP-11 66 - 65.8 90.4 114.0
SPP-12 72 - 71.7 98.6 124.3
SPP-13 78 - 77.7 106.7 134.5
SPP-14 84 - - 114.8 144.7
SPP-15 90 - - 122.9 154.9
SPP-16 96 - - 131.0 165.2
SPP-17 102 - - 139.2 175.5

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