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Integral Galvanized Corrugated Steel Pipes

Integral corrugated metal pipe, as its name implies, is characterized by its monoblock annular structure made of quality corrugate metal sheet and welded in a roll welding. It has high strength, durability, versatility as well as a strong structure that ensures long life. Most of all, it is easier and quicker to be installed on site compared with assembled corrugated metal pipes. Thus, integral corrugated metal pipes are ideal for projects in severe construction conditions, such as severe sedimentation areas. However, integral corrugated metal pipe are not convenient to transport, so it is recommended to be applied to projects in a short transportation distance.

As a professional manufacturer, we offer two types of integral corrugated metal pipes as shown in the following two pictures.

Twelve integral corrugated metal pipes with welded flange plates for easy installation.
Integral corrugated metal pipe with welded flange
Inserted type integral corrugated metal pipes without flange plates.
Inserted type integral corrugated metal pipe

Welded flanges with punched holes are designed for easy connecting integral corrugated metal pipes together. However, our patented inserted type pipes feature punched holes at both ends of pipes for easier installation, higher leak tightness as well as higher anti-press strength. In addition, inserted type pipes have no flange plates let alone open welding of flange plates.


  • High strength & longevity - about 1.5 - 3 times as strong as traditional concrete pipes allows for longer lifespan.
  • Lightweight structure - about 1/15 to 1/5 times the weight of concrete pipes in same specification for easy handling and transportation.
  • Anti-corrosion treatment - heavily galvanized, asphalt or polymer coated for providing a great rust and corrosion resistance.
  • Much safer - ameliorate the faulting situation happened between the land based structures and embankments for providing more comfort to the car drivers on the bridge.
  • Affordable price - integral metal pipe are lower in cost, especially for those whose span is no less than one meter. Normally, the larger the span is, the bigger price difference will present compared with traditional concrete pipes.
  • Easy installation - easy to connect integral corrugated metal pipes together on site just using bolts, nuts and hand tools.
  • Short construction period - these pipes can be handled, transported and installed in a short time, so that it shorten the construction time as well as provide a saving of labor cost.
  • Environment protection - made of high quality galvanized steel instead of concrete, sand and woods to decrease the carbon emission.
  • Low maintenance - low even no maintenance is needed under some conditions. Thus, integral corrugated metal pipes are cost effective in the long run with the lowest maintenance cost.


Three corrugation types of integral corrugated metal pipes.
Corrugated metal pipes are available in various corrugation types.
  • Conduit and negative well.
  • Culvert for highways, railways, waterways.
  • Drain pipes and storm sewer system.
  • Bridges and foundation structures.
  • Rain pipes and sewage pipes, etc.


  • Pipe inside diameter: 0.5m to 3.0m.
  • Pipe thickness: 2.5mm to 7.0mm.
  • Wave size:
    • 125mm × 25mm;
    • 145mm × 60mm;
    • 150mm × 50mm;
    • 200mm × 55mm.
  • Anti-corrosion treatment:
    • Galvanized - thickness of zinc coating ≥ 84um.
    • Electrostatic asphalt spraying.
    • Polymer coated for the longest service life.
  • Height of back-fill cover: 0.5m to 40m
  • Pipe length: Any custom length is available.


Code Inside diameter Pipe thickness Wave size Matching bolts With flange Insert type
CSPH-C500 0.5m 2.0mm - 3.5mm 125mm × 25mm M12  
CSPH-C750 0.75m 2.5mm - 4.0mm 125mm × 25mm M12
CSPH-C1000 1m 3.0mm - 5.0mm 125mm × 25mm M16
CSPH-C1250 1.25m 3.0mm - 5.5mm 125mm × 25mm M16
CSPH-C1500 1.5m 3.0mm - 6.0mm 125mm × 25mm M16
CSPH-C2000 2m 3.5mm - 6.5mm 125mm × 25mm M16
CSPH-D1500 1.5m 3.0mm - 5.0mm 150mm × 50mm M16
CSPH-D2000 2m 3.0mm - 6.0mm 150mm × 50mm M16
CSPH-D2500 2.5m 3.0mm - 6.5mm 150mm × 50mm M16
CSPH-D3000 3m 3.5mm - 7.0mm 150mm × 50mm M16
CSPH-E1500 1.5m 3.0mm - 5.5mm 200mm × 55mm M16
CSPH-E2000 2m 3.0mm - 6.0mm 200mm × 55mm M16
CSPH-E2500 2.5m 3.0mm - 7.0mm 200mm × 55mm M16
CSPH-E3000 3m 3.0mm - 8.0mm 200mm × 55mm M16
CSPH-F1000 1m 3.0mm - 5.0mm 145mm × 60mm M16
CSPH-F1250 1.25m 3.0mm - 5.5mm 145mm × 60mm M16
CSPH-F1500 1.5m 3.0mm - 6.0mm 145mm × 60mm M16
CSPH-F2000 2m 3.0mm - 7.0mm 145mm × 60mm M16
A black polymer coated integral corrugated metal pipe is placed on the lawn.
Black polymer coated integral corrugated metal pipe
Several integral corrugated metal pipes are loaded onto the truck.
Galvanized integral corrugated metal pipes
A person is fastening integral corrugated metal pipes just using hand tools.
Integral corrugated metal pipes allows for a convenient installation method.

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