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Product list

  • Assembled Corrugated Pipe

    Assembled corrugated pipe, made of galvanized corrugated plates, is available in various shapes and ideal for large span projects.

  • Nestable Corrugated Pipe

    Nestable corrugated metal pipe, made of quality galvanized steel, are available flange type and riveting type that allows for easy installation.

  • Spiral Corrugated Pipe

    Spiral corrugated pipes, made of quality galvanized steel, feature helical pattern around the pipe and lock-seam construction for easy installation.

  • Integral Corrugated Metal Pipe

    Integral corrugated metal pipes features strong monoblock annular structure for easy installation, short construction period and long service life.

  • Spiral Rib Pipe

    Spiral rib pipes features helical exterior ribs and smooth interior surface providing superb hydraulic efficiency for storm sewer projects.

  • End Sections

    End sections, made of pre-galvanized steel, are designed to improve hydraulically efficiency of culvert inlet & outlet and prevent soil erosion.

  • Joints And Fittings

    Pipe joints and fittings are generally used to connect two adjacent pipes to form a line or an angle based on the requirements of your projects.